Minna Marsh

"I love it how real you are. I want to imitate that skill – not to be you but more of me."
-  A top seller and my client in 2013

Mental coach since 2007

Mental coaching is my calling. In my early twenties I started to read a lot about mental and spiritual well-being. Later on I tested various methods in my own life during stressful times. I am self taught, because there is no education available in Finland for mental coaching. It has been important for me that everything I teach is based on common sense and practicality in everyday life. My personality and personal experiences are an asset, because without those experiences I would not know what I am talking about!

My methods are based on cognitive psychology, brain research and common sense. I am particularly interested in working with motivated people who are willing to do the work it takes to move from point A to point B on their path. For some odd reason, hockey is close to my heart.

In my Finnish blog I share my thoughts and feelings openly. Showing my vulnerability is my way of saying that we are all human looking for answers and growing, hopefully, into who we truly are as we go.

I have lived in California for five years. I have a Master of Arts degree and before mental coaching I worked in communications and marketing.

My first book "Miksi maali ei synny?" (Why Can't I Score) came out in October 2014.

My book is available in bookstores in Filand, and it can be ordered also from online stores:

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