Minna Marsh

Photo: Liisa Karling

"Minna Marsh is a pioneer and an expert in mental coaching."
- Jukka Rautakorpi, Hockey Coach, Finland & KHL

"Rough around the edges."
- Antti Mäkinen, Hockey Commentator and Producer

"Your thoughts are what makes you lose the feeling of control", Marsh says.
- Helsinki Times Jan 14 2011, Mental Coaching Opens Locks

"I warmly recommend Minna's expertise!"
- Sampo Kivelä, Artistic Administrator at Finnish National Ballet

Free yourself!

Why Can't I Score?
My first book on mental coaching is out. It is available for now in Finnish only:

Minna Marsh

I help my clients find more of their full potential and reach their goals.

On national radio station Yle Puhe inspirational talk about dreams, goals and passion during fall 2014. A former NHL player, a pilot, a writer, a boxer, one of the Dudesons, a stand up comedian, an atheist and a rocker all shared their passions and teachings. You can listen to the shows in Finnish on Yle Areena: Minna Marsh

You want to know how to become mentally stronger and more focused? I promise results to anyone who is willing to do the work and is highly motivated in their field. New choices lead to new habits and habits can change your life.