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Stress management
Mental skills: thoughts and emotions
Cycles of change
Self-image and self esteem
Inner fitness – at work and outside work
The art of concentration
Characteristics of a good goal

"Sales work on top is hard, just like top sports. Fortunately we took Minna to coach our sales people. We had high expectations and worked together in the planning stage with our insurance company, health care services and sales management. The results can be directly measured:
- less time on sick-leave
- improved sales
- higher rate of commitment.
I warmly recommend Minna's services."
- Tommi Altonen, Sales Director, Kontaktia Oy

"Minna Marsh has the gift of conversation, listening and seeing."
- Pekka Seppänen, Consultant in Communications

"Minna Marsh has been coaching unemployed engineers and others from an academic background with us since 2009. Her topics have included change management, self esteem training and stress management. She is one of our very best coaches according to our surveys."
– Jyrki Koskinen, Uratehdas,
PIOTTY, registered association, Chair of Board

"Minna  has impressed me in many ways. She has an unusual skill of expressing things in a practical and an encouraging way. She gives her listeners faith and strength. She reflects true empathy. Her unwaivering calmness and patience communicate a wisdom and humility that is innate and also learned through life experiences. She is courageous enough to share her life with her audience, causing people to have faith in the lighter future after a dark forest. Jyty has used Minna's services in several seminars and classes. Our work together has been productive and gratifying. It is wonderful to be able to work with someone so great and skillful."
- Satu Leivonsalo, Advocate,
The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees, Jyty

"The seminar was very interesting, and the audience was bigger than ever. Minna's thoughts gave a lot to think about, and also answers. All in all, thoughts and goals became clearer, and someone gained strength to reach for his dreams. We will continue our work together with small intensive group classes. I can warmly recommend Minna's expertise!"
- Heini Huurne, Pmma, Board Member

"I recommend Minna Marsh's methods and mental tools to everyone for daily use. You become more effective by focusing on what matters."
- Eeva Erenius, Project Manager,
Tampere Business Campus TBC, registered association