The brain of me:
     light in the labyrinth

Interested in learning more of you?

I help my clients gain new perspective into tricky situations, unlocking their true potential. Everyone has challenges, but you can always find new thoughts and ways of reacting in challenging situations. Practical and effective methods help you form new habits and reach your goals.

My youngest clients have been twelve, so it is not about age. It is about motivation and humility – are you willing to do the work in training your mind to think in new, better ways?

I see my clients usually in Tampere. Coaching is also available via Skype.

"I think all athletes and business leaders wanting to succeed benefit from mental coaching. Minna knows her field!"
- Ari "Zico" Hjelm, Tampere United,  Head Coach, soccer 2001-2010

"I have learnt a lot of new stuff. Now I approach diffcult situations in a more constructive way. I am also free of useless rituals. My self esteem has improved and I am now more relaxed."
- Professional Hockey Goaltender