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On Viasat Hockey Finland as a guest during spring 2014.

F1 expert Matti Kyllönen, Viasat Hockey Finland.

Premiere of When Heroes Lie. Arto Halonen.

Jyty seminar 2013. I was a keynote speaker but didn't miss a beat in summer flu.

Margall and Jordan  In Olympics 1984. Spain got the silver medal.

Tv personality Mari Sarolahti on Good Morning  Finland.

In Good Morning Finland in 2013.

We talked about human mistakes and failure in everyday life.

Please learn to laugh at yourself!

Maestro of spirituality, teacher and author Wayne Dyer.

Louise Hay, the utmost pioneer of positive thinking.

Cheryl Richardson, #1 life coach, USA.

Hayhouse seminar You Can Do It in London in 2012.

John C. Parkin tells you to F**k It on a daily basis.

Psychologist Robert Holden.

Kelly Holmes, two-timer Olympic Winner.

Psychiatrist and author Brian Weiss.

Ex hockey player Raimo Helminen.

Gold in Athens Olympics. Kelly Holmes in London 2012.

Singer Jannika B made an impression.

Two hours of sleep. Going live on air.

Orienteer Anni-Maija Fincke is top of Finland .

Boxer Sonia Grönroos. Nordic champ 2013.

Workshop for top sales people 2013.

Mental coaching for Finnish Hockey Association.

Hockey coaches in Pasila, Helsinki in 2010.

Hockey coach Jukka Jalonen.

Goaltender coach Petri Tuononen.

Speaker for the day, mental coach Minna Marsh.