CD for goaltenders

In Finnish and on request.

Pietarinkadun Oilers interview on YouTube, in Finnish.

My clients are found in various sports:
Dog agility
Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Show jumping
Team gymnastics
Ice hockey
Body building
Modern dance
Motor racing
Finnish baseball
Rhythmic gymnastics
Figure skating
Mixed Martial Arts

Taking the focus off winning –
and focusing on the doing

I coach athletes of all ages and also coaches and referees. Many of the athletes are top in their field.

I listen to my clients to the max to find the right method for their situation. The mental coaching that I do is not about theory or surface – it is about the mind and training that mind. Mental coaching aims at helping a person unlock more of his full potential. The same goes for any team.

Central topics in mental coaching range from constructive thought and stress management to the art of concentration and a healthy self-image.

"I gained a better understanding of what I am like. Now I can handle pressure better."
- A professional Hockey Player, club 1

"Now I approach challenges with more ease. I got rid of many useless rituals and now I know that they don't affect the end result. Being more relaxed has helped me also outside of hockey. My self esteem has become better."
- A professional Hockey Player, club 2

"Our players who have seen Minna Marsh have learnt to think in new ways."
- Juha Pajuoja, Tampereen Ilves Hockey Club, Sport Manager, Aamulehti Times 2011

"Minna has been a big help in a demanding sport and in other areas of life. I recommend Minna's expertise to all who sometimes struggle with their own issues."
- A future NHL Player

"Minna knows her field. I recommend her as a mental coach to coaches and players."
- Hockey Coach Pekka Kangasalusta

"Working with Minna was like getting a kick in the butt. My thinking became clearer and I made the right career move."
- Hockey Player, EC Red Bull Salzburg, Austria

"Thanks, Minna, for helping with the mental part of the game. I was able to bring my game to a new level."
Hockey Player, Elitserien, Sweden

"I expected mambo jambo, but it was all true and factual."
- feedback in a Finnish Hockey Association seminar in 2010

"I got more than I expected. After the first coaching session I was in ecstacy."
- A client in motor racing

"Minna Marsh was a great help when the pressure became too much for me to handle alone. I found her empathetic and understanding. I was in a difficult place in regards to swimming, but Minna heard me and concentrated on my situation. I learned to put my priorities straight and I realized that this is between me and I, not about what others possibly expect of me. This helped to get better results in swimming than before."
- 19-year-old swimmer, top in his league