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I challenge myself – from inside out.

Timo Heiskala Photography 2019

It’s my calling to help people understand and find their potential. At age 20 I dove into psychological and self-help literature, because I wanted to understand how to survive and thrive in spite of difficult life experiences. My methods and tools are always first tested by me in my issues. I’m self taught and proud of that fact, because in Finland there is no training available for how I want to help people. I didn’t want to become a psychologist or a sport psychologist, since I was drawn to doing things with my personality, thinking, experiences and intuition without being constrained to any particular school of thought.

The methods I use are based on cognitive psychology, brain studies and common sense. My intuition is usually spot on. I welcome challenges from my clients.

I want to lead by example. Shared vulnerability is a huge source of strength. If you are willing to be courageous and honest, I can help you find the answers that work for you.

I have lived in California for five years. I have an MA in English philology and graduated as a screenwriter in 2018. Before mental coaching I worked in marketing and communications. 

I am working on a non-fiction book about resilience.

As a passionate soul I dive into what interests me, but I always have time for your issues and agenda.

Listen to my Minna&Neighbors-podcast on Apple podcasts or on Soundcloud.
Episodes also in English.