Valikko Sulje

From inside out

Minna Marsh 2021
Kuva Maria Valkama 2020

I am an author and Finland’s first mental coach. My books deal with challenges and possibilities of personal transformation. My books, the non-fiction books and novels, are in Finnish.

When I started working as a mental coach in 2007, it was a brand new field in Finland. I’m also in the middle of becoming a certificated clinical hypnotherapist.

I aim to live as I teach. To grow as a human being is not easy, but being willing to do the inner journey is like investing in your own well-being and a chance for a better future.  

Since age 20 I’ve wanted to understand how to survive and thrive in spite of difficult life experiences. My methods and tools are always first tested by me in my issues.

The methods I use are based on cognitive psychology, brain studies and common sense. My intuition is usually spot on. I welcome challenges from my clients. I can help you to find the answers that work for you.

California was my home for five years, but I now live in Helsinki. I have an MA in English philology and graduated as a screenwriter in 2018 to improve my writing skills.

Currently I’m writing a book about goals and inner peace, but I always have time for my clients’ issues and agenda.

On Minna&Neighbors-podcast episodes in English and Finnish.