Valikko Sulje
Mental Wake-up Call
Passion Cover

I have written three non-fiction books on mental coaching topics in Finnish. My latest is a novel called Henkäys (The Breath), a survival story in three generations. The first book Miksi maali ei synny? (Why Can’t I Score?) focuses on athletes and mental fitness. The second book, Mentaaliherätys! (Mental Wake-Up Call!), is a stress management guide for everyone caught in the hectic world, and the third, Intohimo (Passion), is a study of many levels of passion and passionate people, including Andre Agassi, Galileo Galilei and Rosa Parks.

 My next book (2022) asks: Can we really get it all?

"Minna Marsh's books are great for people looking for a new perspective and tools for their evolution and growth. The books are clear: they guide the reader to take responsibility over one's direction and they show the steps towards increased focus, presence and a full life."
Tiina Airaksinen
Academic and Creative Writing Teacher, Tekstitaivas
"Why Can't I Score? is a book that has opened my eyes in many ways. It was a relief to read in a clearly written language about athlete's problems and pressures. Before reading this book I thought I was the only athlete who had these types of inner battles. The book shows you how to guide your thoughts and elevate your performance. For me, the most important thing about the book is that it helped me to understand how to change unwanted patterns of behavior while being kind to myself. I have read the book many times and it used to be in my bag during a game day, in case of emergency. I warmly recommend it!"
Tiina Sten
Finnish Basketball Icon