Valikko Sulje

I help my clients with their issues and goals. I bring information, tools and support to the equation. My style of working is precise and practical, always fine tuned to the abilities of my client. I take into consideration the uniqueness of every situation, every individual or team. 

I give my client a 100% of my focus and attention. My clients don’t pay for air. They want results.

If you are physically far away (I am mostly in Helsinki, Finland), I can always coach you from a distance via Skype or Zoom. Video coaching is fast and easy with great results.

With individual clients a session usually lasts for 1,5 hours.

"Minna Marsh is gifted in the way she talks with you, listens to you and sees you."
Pekka Seppänen
Consultant in Communications

I have worked in over 40 different sports over 12 years, helping athletes, coaches and referees. Many of my sports clients compete in national teams and in international competitions while some are juniors working their way up to a possible career as an athlete.I like to get to to the point fast, so I listen to an athlete with open ears. Mental coaching should not stay theoretical or superficial – it should always lead to better habits and new ways of thinking for the client.

Mental coaching can help you or your team tap into your potential.

Mental coaching focuses, for example, on thinking, emotions, stress management, goals, self esteem, self confidence, concentration and recovery from setbacks.

"Minna Marsh is a professional mental coach. I can warmly recommend her services."
Marko Jantunen
Former NHL Player
"Minna has a great personality and is the best mental coach in Finland."
Pasi Kaukoranta
Hockey Coach and Performance Coach
"My players started to think completely in a new way after they had talked with Minna Marsh."
Juha Pajuoja
Hockey Coach, Newspaper Interview 1-25-2011
"Minna Marsh was a big help, when stress became too much to handle for me. I wouldn't have made it alone. Swimming had become a source of anxiety for me. Minna was easy to talk to and she really focused on my situation. I was able to set my priorities right and I understood that I don't know owe anyone a good performance. Swimming started to feel like my thing again, and I had better success in an important competition than I could have imagined." ,big
Swimmer on a National Level

Do you do your best at work?

Is your work meaningful for you?

Do you feel you are in the right job?

I coach groups, teams and work communities.

The duration of coaching can be anywhere form an hour to several meetings. The content is always tailored to the client’s needs – from a short and precise session to longer processes with wider goals. 

I am available for speaking engagements with topics ranging from passion and meaningful work to compassionate communication, stress management and resilience. 

In Finnish and in English.

Feel free to contact me and let’s talk about your wishes!

"Top sales work can be as hard as competitive sports. Minna helped us in coaching our sales pros. Our expectations were high. We planned the process together with our insurance company, health care and sales management. The results were measured: less sick leaves, sales numbers increased and people were more committed to their jobs."
Tommi Altonen
Sales Manager, Kontaktia

"Minna has been coaching engineers and graduate engineers in a re-employment project of Uratehdas since 2009. The topics have been change management, self esteem development and stress management. She keeps getting very good feedback from people attending her classes."
Jyrki Koskinen
– Uratehdas, PIOTTY, Chairman of the Board
"Minna is exceptionally skilled in expressing her thoughts practically, encouraging others. She is authentic and empathetic. Her calmness and patience tell me of wisdom and humility. She has courage to share some of her own experiences with her audience, and by so doing she showers her listeners with self confidence and faith in a lighter tomorrow after a journey in a dark forest. Jyty has benefited from Minna's services."
Satu Leivonsalo
The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees Jyty

Do you want to evolve?

I help my clients to find a new perspective to their challenges and situations. The practical, effective methods can open your mind and different dilemmas in stressful situations.  It is way easier to reach your goals, if your mind is focused on the right things. 

You can  be an expert in your field or you can just be you when you become my client. But it’s important that you are humble and willing to work on your issue and your self. Changing your mind can feel like a job, but the rewards are great. You don’t even have to be able to define your issue – just show up. 

Here are some of the topics people have worked on with me: scoring in hockey, eating disorders, relationships, trauma, career development, concentration on important goals. If your issue is important for you, it is important for me.

My youngest clients have been eleven years old.


"With Minna's help and methods I I can now face even big and difficult challenges without worrying too much about the unknown future. I've realized that I don't need to control everything and I can trust the timing. I've learnt to deal with anxiety and live better even in difficult situations, here and now. I am also now happily divorced."
45-year-old female
Jyväskylä, Finland
"Minna knew how to talk to me in a way that has an effect on my kind of personality. She seemed to find the right way to approach and handle me. That led me to trust her. What she said and how she handled me became reality in my life in a strange way. I went through a deep metamorphosis. This is something that you have to experience yourself. She can share her strength with another human being."
50-year-old female
Helsinki, Finland
"I suffered from stage fright for years. I tried to cover it up at work, where I am one of the managers and give out lectures. I saw Minna twice, and after that I could speak in front of a big audience abroad without any particular feeling of stress. I learned how to focus on the topic and bypass unnecessary train of thought."
37-year-old male
Turku, Finland