Valikko Sulje

Mental coaching is workout for the mind – and the heart. Your current habits largely define your future. With the help of mental coaching you can train your thought and change your habits, improve your concentration, clarify your values and direction and learn to care about yourself more every day.

I have been helping people as a mental coach since 2007. My clients are top athletes, helicopter pilots and just ordinary people like you and me, wanting good relationships and quality life experiences.

Call me when you need to make progress in something that is very important to you. An initial talk over the phone costs you nothing. 

If my client is humble and hard working, I promise results. Evolving as a human being can be a demanding job, but it is also so very rewarding.

Kuva Timo Heiskala Photography 2019
"I feel energized for this day and the future. I've been working now for two years on my mind, my important goals and the changes I've wanted to make. I warmly recommend Minna as a coach!"
Katri Tanni
Head Consultant, Differo Oy

“Minna Marsh is a pioneer in mental coaching and at the top of her field.
Jukka Rautakorpi
Professional Hockey Coach
"Minna Marsh dares to question stale norms and taboos. Here is a coach who practises what she preaches, with good results. What do you say, when she asks: 'Are you happy?'"
Petteri Sihvonen
Sports Media Renaissance Man, Author

On morning tv, in Finnish, in Dec 2018 about sexual evolution:

My talk with dancer, actor, pilot Sami Saikkonen about the many roads we can choose from. In Finnish.

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